Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rolls Royce Plans to Launch Electrical Car

Rolls Royce the luxury car maker has recently stated that it will launch electric car. It is currently selling 2 models Phantom and Ghost in India through its official dealers in Mumbai and Delhi. Now it is planning to launch electric version of Phantom. The Company is planning to display it in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. It will go for sale around the globe after the motor show.

The CEO of Rolls Royce has confirmed it he said “This comes in the wake of its last year sale of 80 units and the group of BMW statistically revealed that the volume of 2009 for these cars was 600% growth and this could make the volume for 2011 to three digits, growth the company is setting its foot in stronger manner in the Indian market which has gained prominence for the company. He said India seems to feed more volumes next to China, which in the last year sold 600 units and quite surprisingly the growth rate too was as much as now in India.”

He added the company is soon launching the electric version of Phantom, 102EX to be on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The exhibition will be a test drive for the feedback from the customers for luxury electric car. He claimed 102EX as one off car to focus the alternative drive trains as a research tool.

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