Monday, September 5, 2011

Honda To Launch Small Car in India

Honda Brio is the most awaiting hatchback in Indian market. The truth is finally out. If reports are anything to go by then Honda is indeed rolling out a new small car, the Honda Brio. The car will be launched by the fag end of September, giving the Indian eye balls yet another choice to be spoilt for in the small car segment.

The Honda Brio will be launched in trio version aka three models while the pricing has been kept unwrapped till the ribbon cutting ceremony. Though Honda is the bag daddy in the car segment, the Honda Brio is surely a bit out of their forte, as the Honda Brio is surely smaller in size. The i10, polo and swift hopefully will have their hands full and would be all ready set and match for this new competitor in the market. This beast is expected to fight with recently launched Toyota Etios Liva and upcoming Maruti Cervo in India.

What makes the Brio stands out is actually the least concentrated aspect in all the previous Honda cars. You guessed it right, it’s the tail lights. The Brio has triangular shaped tail lamps at the back end corner of the car. The light from these tail eyes will surely light up any one’s eyes.

Though lacking on the boot lid and a not so alluring alloys it does spice up with some fantastic interiors, dashboard and other attractive features. The car seems to have been trimmed as much possible to keep the entry price as low as possible and so one can look forward to yet another car that will surely pinch your desires and not your pockets.

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