Monday, December 19, 2011

Volkswagen Jetta Returns with Gas

The Volkswagen Jetta now features both petrol and diesel engine options. A few months ago, Volkswagen had taken us by surprise when they launched only the diesel variant of the Jetta. As it turns out, the lukewarm response to the sedan got them to rethink their marketing strategy. The Volkswagen Jetta is expected to be launched with a petrol motor at the 2012 Auto Expo and will use the same engine as the Skoda Laura.

The 1.8L engine generates a supreme power of 160 bhp along with supreme torque of 250 Nm. The New VW Jetta 2012 model is Volkswagen’s sister car for the Volkswagen Golf. It is a higher model with very nice interiors and little bit highly priced then its original variant Volkswagen Golf. Volkswagen will bring Jetta in India at a higher price to Honda Civic. In the USA, this car is positioned next to the Civic. Hopefully, the company knows what they are doing this time around. The Jetta was first introduced in the mid-1980s as a slightly upscale version of the Rabbit hatchback and became Volkswagen's bestseller in the U.S.

The Jetta and Laura are brothers, after a fashion, since they have the same parent company, and you will see some parts-sharing in the two cars. So, Volkswagen is starting to pave the way by unveiling a new Jetta. More than just a new car, its position at the heart of the Volkswagen line marks a new beginning. Manual transmissions are standard on all, but automatics will be available, including the double-clutch six-speed DSG gearbox, which the company says is one of the most efficient automatics in the world. The Volkswagen Jetta is unusual for sporting a 5-cylinder engine, but it delivers good fuel economy for a car this size, impressive performance and, when pushed, a throaty growl that is to die for. However, on average it is slightly more sluggish and is slightly less powerful and has significantly less space.

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