Monday, May 7, 2012

Mahindra Scorpio upgraded version Ready to Launch

Mahindra Scorpio has secretly started its evolution under the codename W105. The existing Scorpio in the market has completed a decade on the roads and is still going strong. In fact it’s the Scorpio that started a new lease of SUVs in the market like the Tata Safari etc.

The Scorpio will not be influenced by the single body frame of the blockbuster Mahindra XUV500 and will still carry on with the good old hardy body-on-frame which is tried and tested on both the urban and rural terrains. So in spite of the facelift avatar, the new Scorpio will still be hugely ripped off from the current platform. The changes are likely to be seen at the wheelbase which will be longer to improve the legroom in the second row. With an all-new body it will also get a dose of power with a 140bhp version of the M-Hawk engine. The new Scorpio could also come with an improved fuel economy.

Plans are on at full swing in the research facility at Chennai, known as Mahindra Research Valley (MRV). With new high-tech labs and facilities, we can expect the Scorpio to sting us sooner than expected. The company is not overwhelmed by the success of the XUV500 and very well realizes that its bread and butter still lies with tried and tested Scorpio. We expect it will hit showrooms in 2014.

The new Scorpio will also look to get off the tracks faster with a new pick-up version perfectly set up for export markets, which the company believes will be crucial in coming years.

At a time when cars were all about being sane and travelling with your family, the Mahindra Scorpio stung us all by surprise and also showed that cars can be for fun and adventure with the family. Only time will tell if the new Mahindra Scorpio King will be back with a bang.

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