Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nissan Evalia Pre Launch Report

Nissan Evalia will look to open up a new segment in the Indian market. The lookalike MPV- SUV is more than a Van but fits the MPV tag. However in spite of being a Van it looks nicer at the parking lot than the airport. It might not beat the Toyota Innova with the looks but sure has no qualms about it and will look to carve a path of its own.

From the front, the car looks nice. The interiors sport sliding doors for easy access. The Evalia is for sheer space and nothing on either side of Rs 10 lakh comes close. Not even the likes of Light Motor Vehicle come close. This is where Innova should actually be worried rather than the brag about its looks. The Evalia’s monocoque design and front-wheel-drive also adds up to its benefits over the Innova.

The Evalia is also going all out and will be available in three trim levels. The top-end version will get features like Nissan’s intelligent keyless entry system. However you will miss the climate control and power windows are limited to the front.

The Evalia runs on the 1.5-litre Renault K9K diesel and throws out 85bhp and 20.4kgm of torque. These figures might seem too low but the power delivery is right up there and the gear ratios ensure that you get much needed pulling force. The five-speed gearbox is easy to use as with the rest of controls.

If the company is to be believed then sources indicate the Nissan Evalia mileage to 20kpl. In spite of being huge, the Evalia handles like any other car on the road and comes across as easy to handle friendly car. The overall feedback from the Evalia is pretty good and you feel every bit of the drive. It handles well at the curves but one must be aware of the body roll, which you would expect from such a tall car. Nissan will launch the Evalia in India in first week of September. You can also check out the likes of the Maruti Ertiga.

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