Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hyundai I10 Needs No Petrol

Hyundai i10 has taken stock of the rising fuel prices and has wasted no time in coming up with an LPG variant to the already popular and best selling hatchback from Hyundai India. The non petrol variant of the Hyundai i10 BlueDrive will come with a 1.1 Liter IRDE2 engine. The car will lack the same muscle power and also be smaller in size compared to the 1.2 Liter Kappa VTVT engine. All this drawbacks do trickle down to a more fuel efficient car compared to its predecessors. Seizing the opportunity the Hyundai i10 BlueDrive will look to capitalize on the high fuel efficiency quotient.

The LPG car comes is available in two variants of Era and Magna. The Era comes at a cost of 4.16 Lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi while the Magna is priced at INR 4.3 Lakhs. The car has a fuel tank capacity of 34 liters which comes with a factory fitted LPG tank. The car is already open to bookings and you can expect the deliveries to happen within the next few weeks. This is also looked upon as Hyundai’s answer to its competitors who have diesel variants as well.

The bad news on the other hand is that the new Hyundai i10 BlueDrive LPG variant comes at a price that is expensive by Rs. 27,000. However in the long run it is a reasonable amount of money to pay for the cheaper LPG fuel option. As a fuel option, the Hyundai i10 BlueDrive still retains the petrol tank as a standard. You can easily switch from one mode to another with the dashboard mounted switch.

The boot space has managed to keep its space with a toroidal fuel tank design thereby occupying the least space for the LPG tank. The other notable feature worth a mention is the alternator management system (AMS) which essentially regulates charging of the battery during acceleration and deceleration.
Do not expect the alternator system to boost power supplies though one must commend Hyundai for packing such an advanced for entry level hatchback car. Looks like times are changing and Hyundai has already begun the change.The Hyundai i10 BlueDrive is expected to compete with the likes of Chevrolet Beat and the Maruti WagonR who also have a LPG variant.

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