Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wandering Spiders Lead Mazda to Recall 65,000 cars

The Japanese car maker Mazda recalls 65, ooo cars due to poisonous spiders attack. Spiders are building webs in the fuel tank of Mazda6 that may leads to fuel leak and cracks.

It is an unbelievable incident still happening in North America and getting attention around the globe. The toxic Spiders are only targeting this particular model and the company is in a confusion state. No one is getting the reason for Spider attack on particular model.

The company says the webs have been found in some 20 vehicles so far, but no accidents have been caused by the spiders, and no technicians fixing the problem have been bitten. The company has no idea why the spiders have chosen the Mazda6. “We really don’t know how they’re getting in,” a Mazda spokesman tells the Los Angeles Times. “I’d think it would be pretty tricky, but spiders are resourceful.” The customers are excepting that the company will come up with a solution for it.

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